Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Thank you for using our website. Your faith in us is significant to us and we are dedicated to shielding the privacy and security of your private data and info.

This document defines how we practice and process your private information, delivered in a comprehensible and transparent way. It also expresses to you how to gather us if you have queries regarding your private information, which we are more than content to answer.

This document describes how we use and process your personal data, provided in a readable and transparent manner. It also tells you how to contact us if you have questions about your personal data, which we are more than happy to answer. If you have ever used us before, you will know that we offer online travel-related services through our own websites and app, as well as through other online platforms such as partners’ websites and social media. All the information that follows applies to all these platforms.

Several platforms and one privacy policy

This privacy policy smears to any sort of data we gather via these platforms or other means linked to these platforms.

We might modify the privacy policy from time to time. Do not hesitate to approach this page frequently and you will know precisely where you stand. We will note the date that amendments were last prepared to this privacy policy at the bottom of this page, and any revisions will take significance upon posting.

If you settle with our privacy policy, then you’re all fixed to reserve your coming trip through us. 

Who is responsible for your data?

When this policy remarks ‘’we’’, ‘’us’’, or ‘’our’’, it refers to this website.

We share your private information within our group firms for domestic purposes linking to organization centralization. In specific, we centralize the practicing of private info over the subsidiary global network, performing as a combined handler and chief formation for figures guard matters, and has passable internal strategies to guarantee that any data handling carried out in our assembly of corporations is made under the firmest security necessities and will be treated solely for the same drives for which the data had been gathered rendering to the valid laws.

Who is a data protection officer?

Data supervisors of the group of corporations have a mutual information guard officer who lookouts overall handling approved out with respect for your privacy and the appropriate guidelines at all times.

The data fortification officer is at your removal to answer all the queries you may have concerning the dispensation of your private data and the practice of your rights. Do keep in mind that we may inquire you to authenticate your identity and appeal before taking further action on your appeal.

Why do we gather your private info and which legal basis do we trust on?

Reservation through the purchase procedure, we ask you only for the personal documents that we require to convey to you with our consideration services to agreement travel products. This includes finishing and handling your reservation, directing you communications by email, call or SMS in relation to your reservation (e.g. validations, alterations, and reminders), letting us reply to your inquiries. Such communications could be achieved by us or by travel suppliers. The reservation procedure can be done on our website, our app, our client provision. We attempt to show to you the maximum applicable travel info and assist you in a modified way with your reservation and post-reservation.

Please keep in mind that the identification info we practice is going to be the email that you present in your reservation/account.

1) Legal basis: This processing is necessary for the performance of the contract.

2) User account: our users can generate a user version in our websites or apps. We practice such figures you give us to handle your account and with the objective to display you the best applicable travel reservation and post reservation experience, permitting you to do a number of suitable things. For further info, you can go with terms and conditions.

3) Other services: we may deal you with further travel-related services built on our role as a travel mediator. This privacy policy shall smear to such data processing built on other travel-linked facilities. During the contracting procedure, prior to or when filling in the statistics, we will update you if there is any specific info that you should know apart from the one previously shielded in this privacy policy. 

4) Communications with you: there could be a number of reasons for different kinds of communications that we process where we get in touch with you.

  • To respond to any inquiry or appeal from you or any travel supplier and manage it.
  • To contact you in a modified way and assist you to finish your reservation, if you are still concerned, in a situation you have not confirmed a reservation online (as we believe that this further service benefits you as it permits you to carry on with a reservation without having to fill in your booking particulars again). We also keep it to distinguish you when you visit our website over, in a directive to mend your user practice.
  • To request you to offer an appraisal of your experience with us or the travel source when you practice our facilities. Always remember that this response may be accessible to further clients to assist them to take decisions about a product or a service.
  • To update you on how to communicate with us if you want help while you are not here or further info that we sense might be valuable to you in your plotting or getting the finest of your trip, or info of future journeys or a brief of previous reservations you created with us.
  • We may need to send you other administrative messages, which may include security alerts.

5) Customer polls and surveys: you may be requested to submit a review on a trip you have reserved with us or to take part in the market study. In this previous circumstance, we will illuminate the private data gathered and how would it be used beyond.

This processing depends on our genuine commercial business concern to improve our facilities or on your accord.

6) Improving our services or developing new services: we also practice private information for analytical drives. This is part of our drive to improve the user involvement, but can also be used for analysis drives, troubleshooting and to progress the functionality and worth of our online travel facilities. The main aim here is to enhance our online platform to your requirements, creating our site easier and more pleasing to customs. We attempt to use anonymized information for these systematic drives.

This processing depends on our genuine marketable business concern to recover our facilities.

7) Legal purposes: Finally, in certain cases, we may need to use your information to handle and resolve legal disputes, for regulatory investigations and compliance, to enforce our terms, or to comply with lawful requests from law enforcement.

This processing relies on legal obligation compliance.

We do not make mechanized choices grounded on profiles, beyond the authentic anticipation of scams on the internet and the customization of your user involvement, promotion, and marketing. In any case, such a mechanical judgment will not crop lawful effects or likewise meaningfully affects you.

What kind of personal data do we collect?

The personal data that we may collect about you broadly fall into the following categories:

1) Information you provide us.

  • Individual and contact particulars for permitting the reservation, record account with us, offer services and info, subscribe to our promotional communications, and/or submit investigations to us. Please keep in mind that your email will be your categorized data. We will be capable to bond your data based on your email.
  • Billing info (e.g. credit card number, cardholder name, and expiration date) to create a payment.
  • Security data (e.g. password) when you generate an account with us.
  • Travel acquaintance particulars (e.g. private information, travel inclinations) when reservation, making an account, etc. in any case, you should have formerly attained the agreement of other individuals previous to providing us with their private data and travel inclinations, as any admittance to view or alter their data will be accessible only with your account or email.
  • Other data (e.g. travel marketing inclinations, further data given in a review, competition or by chat, email or call, etc.)

2) Information that we automatically collect from your use of our services

  • Data/gen from your device (e.g. IP address, browser type, internet service sources, geographic location, technical data regarding the device, the time and duration of request and visit, the method used to submit the appeal to the server). When you approach our website or app, we may mechanically gather certain data from your device. Do bear in mind that we may associate this data with your account.
  • Other technical issues such as how your device has interacted with our website

We practice this data, as well as the private information, provided defined hereinafter, to examine traffic, deliver you with social media linked services, tailor advertising, improve quality and modify your explorations, to avert and sense fraud. We will share it with third parties; where some of them, such as paying suppliers and financial institutions (fraud detection, deterrence, or chargeback purposes) could be acting as autonomous data handlers. If you sign up for our website using our social media count, tie your account on our website to your social media account, or practice certain other social media types of ours, we may ingress data concerning you via that social media source in accord with the provider’s guidelines. The data may comprise your name, email address, profile picture, gender list of friends, and other info that you allow us to obtain.

  • Some of this data may be gathered by consuming cookies or related tracking tools. The handling of the data gathered via cookies is built on a diverse legal basis (e.g. they can be necessary to offer our services, created on your approval). For more info, do check our cookies policy.
  • We may practice calls and online communications for the quality regulator, analytics, staff training, and lawful disagreement drives. Any private data attained from you through any communication will be treated in accord with our privacy policy. You can also share your private information with us for other drives. Please abide in mind that, we consuming a third party’s feature, this third party may act as mutual manager or as a processor as per its consistent privacy policy.

3) Information we collect from third parties

We legitimately once in a while attain private data about you from business associates and further sovereign third-party bases (e.g. contact info such as email, purchase, or demographic gen).

Who will be the recipients of your personal data?

In certain circumstances, we will share your personal data with third parties:

  • Travel partners (e.g. the airline which has to issue your ticket and/or function your flight, the accommodation you have reserved, the car rental concern you have contracted with us, etc.) in directive to deliver you with our service area, we need to connect your private information to the travel suppliers involved, in the directive that they can deliver you with the products or services you have demanded, as well as those further parties to which it is essential to disclose your private information in order to deliver you with the wished services in an attentive method. These third parties will be working as sovereign data controllers. Do note that these partners also may communicate with you as required to attain further info/gen about you in accord with their own independent privacy policy.
  • Our group companies may process your personal information, as previously referred to, for internal purposes relating to management centralization. In any case, they will follow practices that are at least as restrictive as the practices defined in this privacy policy.
  • Third-party service suppliers (e.g. those providing us with IT and hosting services, customer provision, analytics, payment and financial service suppliers for chargeback, deceit exposure, deterrence purposes, etc.) practice your private information on our behalf and under our commands for the drive defined hereinabove, acting as data processors or acting as sovereign data handlers. Where third-party service sources have access to information they will only gather data as required to execute their functions. They are not allowed to share or use the data for any other incompatible drive.
  • Business partners: some of our website facilities could be completely or partly delivered by our business associates and firm private data that you offer us (e.g. name, email address, payment particulars, and other applicable data) will be dispatched to our business partners to finalize and handle service. The applicable data may be shared for required customer service providers or for the drives denoted above. As business partners will be functioning as sovereign data handlers, their independent privacy policy or a precise sort of that shall also smear.

How do we protect your personal data?

Surrounded by the further processes (e.g. procedures, internal guidelines, awareness, etc.), we can regroup the chief protection action we take:

1)      Security measures: while no online service can assure complete security, we implement sensible measures to guard your private data’s privacy, truthfulness, and obtainability (e.g. averting unofficial access or misuse of your figures, employing technical and physical limitations for retrieving and consuming private info, using firewalls, etc.)

2)      Retention procedures: we will keep your individual info for long as we consider it essential to permit you to custom our facilities, to deliver our services to you, to comply with the valid and appropriate laws, resolve differences with any parties, and else as essential to permit us to conduct our business (comprising, to sense and avert fraud or other prohibited activities). All subjective data we maintain will be subject to this privacy policy. If you have any queries about a particular retention period for certain types of private data we practice about you, do connect with us.

How can you control the personal data you have given to us?

  • Handling your information: you may access and bring up-to-date several of your info through your account settings or client services.
  • Alteration of your information: you have the right to ask us to correct imprecise or partial private info regarding you (and which you cannot bring up-to-date yourself with your account settings or over our customer services).
  • Data access: you may appeal for data linking your personal data and duplicates of such data.
  • Data convenience: you may also be permitted to appeal copies of your Private figures that you have delivered to us in an arranged, generally used, and machine-readable arrangement where precisely feasible.
  • Data eraser: you may appeal to have your private data deleted. We may not be able to remove it due to the detail that the data handling may be essential for the routine of the agreement between you and us, for our genuine business interests. In any circumstance, we will proximately erase it when we can do so.
  • Objection and restriction of processing: you may entail us not to practice your private data for firm detailed drives (comprising profiling) where such processing is built on genuine interest, such as, for direct promotion. If you object to such handling, we will no longer access your private data for these drives unless we can validate enthralling legitimate grounds for such handling or such processing is required for the exercise or protection of permissible claims.

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